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Query regarding fluency and pronunciation score in PTE


I am from India. I took my exam on 5th Dec 2017 and got an overall score of 70. However, I received a comparatively very low score (overall 45) in speaking than the other 3 sections. Moreover, I am surprised to see that I received 66 in Oral Fluency (which is quite a high score, as per my knowledge) but I got only 12 in Pronunciation!!! Now, that is technically an impossible combination because if I can get so high score in oral fluency, which means that I spoke quite well, then how come it's possible that my words were not understood by the computer (or by a regular English speaker) or I did not pronounce properly?? Also, since I gave my exam alone, so there was no background interference and I spoke naturally and freely.

To my this query, I received the below reply from PTE -

As the exam is machine scored, the responses are scored objectively and consistently. The result is based on your overall performance. PTE scores are systematically evaluated and made available through servers. There is no intervention by any human. The scores indicated for each trait undergo a number of complex calculations to produce the total item score. 

The marking process allows for any regional accents to be treated equally, so you can be reassured that you are treated fairly and be confident in your scores and language ability.  Regional or national varieties of English pronunciation are considered correct to the degree that they are easily understandable to most regular speakers of the language. Your score report is the true reflection of how you performed in the exam.

I would request you to kindly suggest me whether this combination of score for fluency and pronunciation is ever possible? Should I go for a rescore?

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