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PTE scores

Hi everyone I’m delighted to inform that I just received my PTE scores and got 8 each! I would like to thank Jay and E2 Language who helped me achieve my target. Thanks Ravneet
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I am from India, wants to enroll for PTE exam preparation. But I am working and work schedule is from 7 am to 8 pm. Suggest how things can be worked out, so that I can get 79+, as I have to apply for PR. In the recent exam at PTE I able to secure 58 overall. If you want I can forward the same. Appreciate early response. Regards, Rakesh
Hi As harsh as it may sound, i think you have to reduce your workload if you want to get a good score. I was swamped with work myself so couldn’t get the desired score the first 3 times I had my exam. For this exam I quit my job and prepared hard for two weeks and ofcourse E2 was a major help. I’m happy now and do not regret my decision. Preparations demand time and practice. If you do it with dedication you’ll definitely get the desired scores. All the best!

hi, ravneet

i actually want to know that which package of e2 language you brought for practice for 2 weeks?

Hi Sandeep I bought the bronze package because I was already aware of the test. But if you are a fresher you should definitely go for the better ones because then you’ll get one on one consultation and more mock tests.

Hi ranveet,

i have exam on 9th of jan. can u please help how u study get the desired score. its my third time and last time my overall score was 57. i need 65 in each.

Hi Sonam The best way at this time would be to create templates. Jay has shown templates in his videos about re-tell lectures and describe image. You can use the same concept in writing essay. With reading there’s negative marking in multiple answer MCQs so if you’re not sure about the answers just chose one option instead of choosing a wrong one and getting negative marking. If you’re lagging in one particular section then focus on that.

Hi ranveet,

Can u tell me how you prepared for the essay and written task and how much hours study is sufficient ?

Sir I am working in 3 shifts on weekly rotations in company I gave Pte last month and got 48 overall. I want 65 in each band.what should I do to success and how u will help me
Hi friends, I am very delighted to share that I got 68 each and overall 74 in my first attempt in PTE. I want to thanks all the team of e2language speacially Jay for their help. I've never seen a teacher like Jay in my life. He has so much patience and obviously the best structures to crack pte. Once again thanks Jay and his team for their help.

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Thanks Ranveet for you valuable tips . Would you please tell about my below question? In PTE real test, it was new to me that the message had displayed Time expired in Essay writing but i was luch i finished my last sentence before that popup. So, my question my essay was saved or submit in test?

I done exam on 29th jan. My overall score is 36. But i am not satisfied with my mark. I like to rescore . Please tell me what to do. Beacuse, i prepared well.

Yes Aziz it gets submitted automatically
@Malar you need to put more efforts and practice as much as often as you can.
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