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Writing task

Dear e2language team,
Kindly note that I have submitted two writing tasks for assessment on Friday the 21st September and so far they have not been assessed. I have an exam after 4 days and I really need this assessment to be done as soon as possible.
Thanks and best regards

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I have also submitted two writing task 2 essays for the feedback, one on Friday 21st and another on Tuesday, 25th. Aren't we suppose to receive the feedback within 48 hours? I realise that my second assignment was sent less than 24 hours ago but it's 5 days past since the first assignment submitted and still no feedback. I am also sitting the test end of the week and would be nice to receive the feedback before the exam day.


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They are not answering our inquiries !!

so it is better not to buy any course thanx for your comment... :)



I'm unable to upload my writing task. I keep getting pop up window blocked. Please does anyone seem to have this issue too. I really need to get my writing assessed. It's my weakest point in the IELTS.

Thank you.

I am also experiencing the same problem. My exam's in a week..
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