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I'm a new subscriber "Platinum" Package PTE Course

Good day every one ..

          Recently I've registered with E2 for PTE in order to have a chance for immigration, after my meeting the the "One to One" teacher i received a PDF file "4 pages" full of GENERAL info i believed, because i don't think it's a study plan, the PDF file name is Welcome to the E2Language PTE Course .. That's it !!

After that i went to Blog for helpful advice, i submit my info that i wanna get score over 79 , but also no respond .

Is this sound normal ? am i doing right or wrong ? because i feel like i'm stuck in a middle of no where .

I claim to my self that i'm in intermediate level or more , so before i learn the methods i need a guide to learn more English more vocabulary and more English.

Thanks a lot 

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