Please stick to your study plan, using it as a guide for completing the course materials. Work through the materials systematically, starting with the overview, then the methods, then your practice questions. Try to complete your assessments 1-2 at a time, so that you can use your assessment feedback to help you improve upon your scores for the next assessment (remember that we require 48 hours to provide you with assessment feedback). 

If you feel that you are struggling with a particular task, book a tutorial to discuss this task/skill in detail with one of our teachers. They'll provide you with personalised advice and feedback to help you improve in that area.

Please attend as many of the live mock tests as you can, to practice your skills under exam like conditions. You can register to attend the live mock tests from your student dashboard under the Live Class Schedule. If you're not able to attend the scheduled time, you can watch the live class recordings from the Recorded Classes tab.

The more time you spend preparing for your exam, the more confident you'll feel on test day! In general we recommend that you spend at least 2 hours a day preparing in anticipation for your next exam.

Best of luck!