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    How a PTE preparation plan looks like with E2

1. Personal Study Plan

Here you meet one on one with an expert teacher who will identify exactly what you need to work on, when and how. Your Study Plan will get you started and keep you going right to the end.

2. Skill Building Lessons

You may need to build your vocabulary, improve your grammar or refine your pronunciation. We have everything you need including hundreds of video-based lessons and our app "E2Pronounce", which refines your pronunciation.

3. Methods, Tips and Strategy Classes

Join our live online classes held by expert teachers who have taken the test themselves. Our teachers will show you HOW to answer each and every question.

4. Practice!

Yes, you will have to practice… but once you build your skills and learn the methods your practice becomes a lot more enjoyable. It won’t be confusing anymore! We have heaps of practice questions for you to apply the methods to.

5. Expert Feedback Tutorials

Here, you meet one on one with an expert teacher who will tell you exactly what you are doing right - and more importantly - what you are doing wrong. The teacher may direct you to do more practice, refine your understanding of the methods, or the teacher may say “You’re ready to go!”.

6. LIVE Mock Tests

You need to experience what it’s like to take the test under test conditions. Join our live mock tests held by expert teachers who will challenge you but guide you.

7. Test Day

If you follow our program you will be more than ready for test day. You will be confident because confidence comes from good preparation and ability.

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