E2Language.com is the best OET preparation course available. We cater for NURSES and DOCTORS. We are experts in the OET; we know exactly what you need to do to succeed on all of the sub-tests. We are partnered with the OET as their only “authorised feedback provider”.

Our preparation is 100% online and includes an online course, webinars, a Skills Assessment and 1:1 OET Tutorials. We specialise in OET for nurses and doctors. 

Personal Study Plan

As soon as you sign up with E2Language.com you should book a personal Study Plan with an expert OET teacher. You will meet the teacher online and he/she will talk to you about your previous test performances. You will receive a Study Plan that will get you started and keep you going.

Skill Building Lessons

You may need to work on your grammar, vocabulary and/or pronunciation. E2Language.com has hundreds of fundamental English skill building lessons, including E2Pronounce - our pronunciation practice app.

Methods, Tips and Strategy Classes

You can join our LIVE online methods classes to learn about the OET tasks in detail and methods for how to pass them, or you can watch the recorded video lessons whenever you like.

Online course

Our course includes quality OET practice lessons. We have covered every OET sub-test in terms of difficulty so the practice you do aligns with the real OET test.

We have:

  • 3 x OET writing sub-tests

  • 3 x OET reading part A sub-tests

  • 3 x OET reading part B sub-tests

  • 3 x OET listening part A sub-tests

  • 3 x OET listening part B sub-tests

  • 3 x Speaking role-plays

Expert OET Feedback Tutorials

Do you need help with your OET writing and/or speaking? Our expert tutorials are powerful one on one classes where you meet with the teacher for personalised tuition and feedback on what you have learned in our online course.

$129USD = 1 x OET tutorial

$199USD = 2 x OET tutorials

$259USD = 3 x OET tutorials

$379USD = 5 x OET tutorials

These tutorials are taken on Zoom at the time of your choosing. We have teachers all around the world so we can teach you anytime, anywhere! The tutorials are particularly effective for OET writing where we do LIVE CORRECTION and OET speaking where you can practice role-plays with feedback.

LIVE mock tests

We offer live mock tests for you to apply your skills. These webinars are guided by expert teachers who will help you under exam like conditions.

Also visit our YouTube channel for OET that has some quick tips on the exam.