We offer two forms of mock tests: a Mini Mock Test that covers all skills and regular "Live Mock Tests" that focus on one skill (reading, listening, speaking or writing).

Mini Mock Test: 

Available now for PTE and OET students! We are working on the IELTS Mini Mock Test and will let you know when it's out. For more information, check out Introducing the Mini Mock Test and Jay's videos on the PTE and the OET Mock tests.

Live Mock Tests: 

These are live classes that run through simulated practice questions. You can access these via any of our paid packages, and as a free user you can watch a limited range of them to understand how they work. Note they are a bit different from the regular "Live Classes", which focus more on skill-building. You can read more about the difference here: What is a live class?

The success of our "Live Mock Test" system is based on improving your ability to understand and recognise what a question is asking you to do, and how to answer it. By dividing our Live Mock Tests into the different question types, we are helping you focus on perfecting your ability to answer a particular question using a certain formula that satisfies the test criteria as comprehensively as possible. This technique maximises your chances of achieving the best score possible.