Students taking the PTE exam need to be familiar with the format of the test. The exam is computer-based and spans over 3 hours. The breakdown is given below:

PART 1: SPEAKING & WRITING (77-93 minutes)

Personal Introduction

Read aloud

Repeat sentence

Describe image

Re-tell lecture

Answer short question

Summarize written text


PART 2: READING (32-41 minutes)

Fill in the blanks

Multiple choice questions 

Re-order paragraphs

Fill in the blanks

Multiple choice questions 

Optional 10 minute break

PART 3: LISTENING (45-57 minutes)

Summarize spoken text

Multiple choice questions

Fill the blanks

Highlight the correct summary

Multiple choice questions

Select missing word

Highlight incorrect words

Write from dictation

(Details given are sourced from the PTE website)

Check out the course overview video below to gain a better understanding on how E2Language prepares you for PTE: