We are very excited to have recently added customisation to our packages! 

This means that you can focus more on the skills you need to improve on. All courses will still include resources for all skills because we believe "holistic" preparation is important, but you can purchase "add-ons" that give you more of the things you need. For example:

Assessments: Free or paid users may now purchase an additional assessment bundle. Prices and inclusions differ depending on the course. Please see here: How do I buy more assessments?

Live classes: Express users and higher can purchase 4 additional live classes for USD$29. See here: How do I buy more live classes?

Tutorials: Additional tutorials can be purchased for USD$75. See here: How do I buy more tutorials?

To purchase additional assessments, live classes and tutorials, go to the 'My Course' tab and then the 'My Tasks' box on your student dashboard. You may use a credit card or Paypal to do this.

In addition, our courses offer you the flexibility to focus only on the areas you need to. Simply complete the practice questions for the skill you'd like to focus on. You may work on any skill at any time.

You also get to decide what to discuss in your tutorials, which can be a great way of improving a particular skill area. We offer you complete flexibility to decide when to have your tutorials, and what you would like to cover in them.