Please note that you need to have an E2Language course at Silver level or higher to access E2Pronounce. 

However, if you signed up to a Bronze course BEFORE June 19 2019, please contact us at as you are still eligible to access the app!

To use the app:

1. Sign in with your E2Language username and password.

2. You will be presented with this screen. Use the search bar (circled in red) to look up any word and hear it spoken with correct pronunciation. 

3. Press the play button to listen to the expert pronunciation. 

4. Practice saying the same word, then record yourself. Tap the microphone button in the centre of your toolbar. You will then be prompted with the screen below. Speak loudly and clearly into your phone's microphone and then press the microphone button to indicate that you have finished speaking.

 You should try to imitate or 'match' the expert pronunciation as closely as possible. Keep this aim in mind while recording yourself speak. 

5. Your recording will be analysed and compared against the expert sample, and you will be given a score based on how closely your recording matched the expert pronunciation. You can reattempt the word as many times as you like. 

If you're having trouble deciding which words you need to work on pronouncing, use our academic word list to study with. You can find it attached below.