A free account with E2Language is valid for 12 months and it gives you an idea of how our system works, and what kind of practice materials we offer. You can upgrade your free account to a paid account at any time.

With a free account, you get access to a limited amount of practice materials and methodsYou can also attend a limited number of free live classes (look for these in the calendar on your dashboard!) 

If you upgrade to a paid account you get the full range of practice materials and methods for each question type, you can choose from the full range of live classes and you can watch recordings of live classes. If your paid account is Bronze or higher you can also book one-on-one tutorials and submit assessments for teacher feedback. 

For detailed information on what is included in our different courses, please see our homepage.


If you would like help in choosing a course or deciding on which test is best for you, email our helpdesk at hello@e2language.com.