A study plan consultation is a live, one-on-one session with a teacher that introduces you to our system and helps you develop a plan of attack for your preparation. The teacher will ask you questions about your test needs and help you work out which skill areas you need to focus on. Based on your discussion, the teacher will then develop a study plan and they will email this to you after your session. This will provide you with a structure which allows you to use our resources in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Only certain packages include access to a study plan consultation. Check out the package inclusions on our homepage and look for Study Plan: Teacher Consultation.

When you sign up for or upgrade to an E2Language package with a study plan consultation, please book this session first. You can book it in the Bookings panel of your student dashboard. 

Important: the study plan created by your teacher is not the same as the study pathway, which you can generate yourself in addition. For more details, please see here: Study plan vs Study pathway