All our OET reading, listening and grammar materials, as well as our live classes are suitable for all OET specialisations. 

The speaking and writing sections of our OET course focus on the Medicine and Nursing practice areas. However, we can still accommodate you if you are doing other specialisations, such as radiography, physio, dentistry, pharmacy and veterinary sciences. 

If you have signed up for an OET Bronze package or above, you can obtain the following types of support that are specific to your practice area:

  • A private Study Plan Consultation to discuss your preparation strategies at the beginning
  • One or more 1:1 tutorials in speaking and writing, depending on your package
  • One or more writing assessments with feedback, depending on your package

Please make sure you do the following:

1. Choose a course that includes tutorials (Bronze or higher).

2. When you sign up, choose either Medicine or Nursing as your practice area.

3. After you have signed up, contact our support team via the Helpdesk ( for help organising a study plan consultation and tutorial(s) that are specific to your practice area and package.