In some regions of the world there is currently no access to VOIP, which is needed to support most video chat platforms. We use the video chat platform Zoom for all our one-on-one consultations and live classes, so if you live in a region where you have no access to VOIP, you will not be able to make use of these features. Unfortunately we cannot use any other video chat platforms.

To compensate for this we offer two "non-voip" options which you can view by clicking on this button, located above the course options on our website:

One option is our "Express" course for USD$69 which gives you three months' access to our full online course and recordings of our live classes. The other option is our "Express and Feedback" course which gives you three months' access to our full online course, recordings of our live classes and the maximum number of written and spoken assessments we can offer you for teacher feedback. Prices are USD$139 for OET, USD$189 for IELTS and USD$199 for PTE.

For more details on these Non-VOIP courses, please see here: What is included in the Non-VOIP courses?

If you have any further questions please contact us at!