Your writing assessments are timed as you would expect in the exam, and once submitted, you will receive your feedback within 48 hours.

Our feedback is very detailed; it gives you an indication of how well you did on a range of criteria, as well as overall teacher comments.

The criteria are different for different question types, but they are formatted like the example below.

This is the criteria that is marked on an IELTS Writing Task 2 Assessment:

You will receive additional comments from the teacher on how to improve each criteria, then you will receive an overall score out of 100 and advice about whether you should book a tutorial to practice further: 

Please note our overall assessment score out of 100 is only an indication of how well you are doing; it is not intended to align exactly with the scoring of the test. For an interpretation of how your assessment score relates to your test score, please book a tutorial with a teacher to discuss further.

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