If you live in a region that doesn't have access to VOIP, you unfortunately cannot book any tutorials or attend live classes with us, but you can still benefit from our program by signing up to our "non-voip" package:

Express & Feedback package (USD$139 for OET; USD$189 for IELTS; USD$199 for PTE)

  • Validity: 3 months
  • Online materials: FULL set of practice questions with overview and methods videos
  • Access to live class recordings
  • Writing & Speaking assessments to submit for teacher feedback (number differs for each test):
    • PTE: 6 x speaking assessments and 6 x writing assessments
    • IELTS (Academic and General): 2 x speaking assessments and 8 x writing assessments
    • OET: 5 x writing assessments¬†

Please note: because the OET speaking subtest requires a role play with the teacher, we currently do not have any way of helping you practice this without the use of VOIP. We do however provide role-play cards as part of the online materials, and you can use these to practice with a supportive friend or family member! Please also look out for the live class recordings on Speaking.