What is the IELTS Mock Test? 

It is a FULL IELTS test designed by our expert IELTS teachers. It LOOKS the same, is TIMED in the same way and is SCORED in the same way. In addition to providing you EXAM SIMULATION, it will also provide you with a snapshot of your results with detailed feedback on each task.

How many can I do?

For now, you can do just ONE Academic or General test. We will make more in the near future, we promise!

How much does it cost?


How can I get one?

ANY E2Language student (free or paid) can purchase one Mock Test. Just log in to your account and look for 'IELTS MOCK TEST' on the left-hand side.

When should I do it?

It is up to you, but because there is just one, we suggest the following:

  • Do it AT THE START of your preparation as the DIAGNOSTIC test, so you know what areas you need to work on most 
  • OR do it DURING your preparation as a PROGRESS CHECKER
  • OR do it at the end of your preparation to see whether you are READY or not for the real test (allow 48 hours for feedback!)

How do I do it?

Once you have purchased it, log in to your account and click on "IELTS Mock Test". Click "Start" to complete the listening, reading and writing components on the platform. Plan to sit for about 2 hours 30 minutes to finish them all in one go (like in the real test!)

You will do the speaking component separately, by choosing a date and time to meet one of our teachers via Zoom for 15 minutes. You can do this before or after the other components. Before you start your speaking session, please make sure:

  • you have strong, reliable internet 
  • you are using a laptop or desktop computer with Chrome browser
  • you have tested ZOOM on your computer beforehand (https://zoom.us/test) - email hello@e2language.com if you have issues with the test
  • you are waiting for an email invitation from your teacher 5 minutes before the speaking session is due to start
  • you click on the ZOOM link in the email invitation - and the session will open!

Please note: It is your responsibility to prepare your computer and your internet connection. You can cancel or reschedule your speaking session with 24 hours' notice, but if you do not show up or if you have technical issues, you will need to pay a reset fee of USD$15.

What feedback will I get?

The test will be marked by one of our TEACHERS, giving you VERY DETAILED feedback on how well you responded to EACH QUESTION TYPE and how you can IMPROVE. It will include detailed teacher feedback on all of your speaking and writing tasks/sub-tests, and you will receive a lot of information on the other sections of the test as well so you know where you're going right and wrong. 

What happens after?

Once you get your results and feedback from the Mock Test, continue your preparation focusing on the question types that the test has showed need the most work. It is a good idea to book a TUTORIAL after getting your results so you can discuss them more with a teacher. For more information on booking a tutorial, see here: How do I book a tutorial?