Your writing assessments are timed as you would expect in the exam and once submitted, you will receive your feedback within 48 hours.

Our feedback is very detailed; we give you overall comments and we use a correction code to show you where the specific errors are in your writing. We also give you an indication of how well you did on a range of criteria that match the criteria of the test. You will receive additional comments from the teacher on how to improve each of the writing criteria, then you will receive an overall score and advice about whether you should book a tutorial to practice further.

For OET you will get a numerical score. To see the "translation" of this into the equivalent test score, view our conversion table here

Our teachers feel strongly that the correction code should be used to show you errors without giving you the answers - it is a good learning process for you to try to work them out yourself! You can always email our support team at if you would like some help interpreting the code, or you can book a tutorial with a teacher to discuss further.  For more information: How do I book a tutorial? 

This is a sample OET Medicine Writing Assessment with teacher feedback:

The score that you have received is based on the official writing criteria used by the OET Assessors to mark your writing:

  • Purpose

  • Content

  • Conciseness and Clarity

  • Genre and Style

  • Organisation and Layout

  • Language

You receive:

3 points for a HIGH

2 points for a MEDIUM

1 point for a LOW

There are 21 criteria, so your total score is out of 63.

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