Each of our paid package gives you five tests' worth of practice questions, meaning the total number of questions are equivalent to the number of questions you will get in five actual OET tests. 

You can access the practice questions by selecting 'OET Course' on the left menu of your student dashboard.

Most questions come with sample answers so that you can familiarise yourself with what a good answer for each question type should look like. 

The practice questions are not organised into full tests but are split into their respective sub-test categories. For example, you will find all the listening questions in one section and all the reading questions in another section.

The breakdown of the total number of practice questions in each paid package is as follows:

Listening A: 10 questions

Listening B: 30 questions

Listening C: 60 questions


Reading A: 5 questions

Reading B: 30 questions

Reading C: 10 questions


5 questions

Bonus: 3 OET Grammar Practice questions


4 role-play card sets

Bonus: 3 role-play card activities