If you have switched your focus to a different test (e.g. you were studying for the PTE, but you now wish to study for the IELTS) you can certainly switch your E2Language account over as well.

For students on paid packages, there is a new fee of USD$39 associated with switching packages. However, if you have a free account, you can switch free of charge.

You can make the paid switch yourself, as follows:

  • After you sign in you should find a "Switch my course" button at the top of your dashboard
  • Depending on your course and how many resources you have used, you will have the option of paying less to switch over without resetting these resources, or paying more to switch over AND reset your resources
  • You will then be prompted to pay via Paypal or with a credit card
  • Upon successful payment your account will be automatically switched (please sign out and sign in again).

If you have any concerns about your automatic switch, OR if you would like to switch a free account, please email us at hello@e2language.com